Workplace Politics: Solutions to Job stress and other Situations

While every office and workplace is different there are some common elements that exist just about everywhere such as job stress. Job stress is especially common during a recession or in production driven workplaces however there are many other difficult situations that can arise as well. Some situations such as workplace discrimination while not common can be completely devastating and leave you without answers as to how and what next step to take. The goal here is to provide helpful advice to make navigating these things as smooth and easy as possible.

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Business Attire for Men
Written by David Jones   
Thursday, 13 September 2012 17:41

Business Attire for Men

It doesn’t matter if you wear business attire regularly or not, it is important to understand what goes into good business attire for men. If you do not wear business attire on a regular basis then you at least understand that there are moments in life when it is to your benefit to know how to dress for such occasions like an interview, important meetings, weddings and such. Business attire for a man is almost like a visual resume but rather than your work experience it reflects the kind of person you are and the level of detail you express with your attire.

Business Attire for Men: A sharp dressed man setting the example for the level of detail they exercise.

What is Business Attire for Men?

Most companies spend a great deal of time trying to balance the comfort level of their employees and the professional reputation of the company. Understanding that you play a key role in how your customers view your company is based a lot on the business attire you wear because in most cases that is the first impression. True professionals will take the company dress code and make it their own, by that I mean not just adhering to the policy but bringing their own sense of style to it enabling them to set themselves apart from others.

Tips on Professional Business Attire for Men


Every man needs a suit, for some they consider it their armor in which they do battle in for others it is an important component to how they interact with others. Now not everyone can afford the most expensive suits however you would be shocked to find out how inexpensive getting a suit tailored is and how much better it will look on you. Get your suits tailored it will be the best money you ever spent.

Shoes and Socks

When you wear a suit you need to treat it in many ways like a canvas and the rest of what you wear with it will set you apart from the next guy wearing a suit. You have no idea how many people I have seen actually wearing socks that did not match. You can never go wrong with a pair of either dark solid socks or socks with a simple pattern. This is followed up by a nice clean pair of leather shoes, either laces or nice loafers will do just fine. It only takes a little time to clean them up, so make a statement.


Selecting the perfect tie to wear is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks, first let me state you can never have enough ties but I am not talking about the tie you got as a gift. I made it a practice that every time I purchased something for business attire I also purchased a tie. The idea is to find that tie to both speaks to you and reflects a part of your personality. To give you an idea, whenever I went for an interview I always wore a tie that was green as a reminder why I was there. With the suit being your armor, I like to consider the tie your ammunition.


This is one of those areas that won’t make things happen however can easily destroy all the hard work you have put into your business attire. When wearing a belt, don’t try to wear the same belt you would wear with jeans or one that is overly worn, a good belt isn’t that expensive. Keep in mind there is not a single moment in business where you want people to think you do not have an eye for details, make your business attire state that case for you.

Business attire for men says much more then what your company dress code policy is, it also speaks volumes about the kind of person you are as well. You shouldn’t think of it as an expense because if you look like you should, it will quickly turn into an investment.


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