Workplace Politics: Solutions to Job stress and other Situations

While every office and workplace is different there are some common elements that exist just about everywhere such as job stress. Job stress is especially common during a recession or in production driven workplaces however there are many other difficult situations that can arise as well. Some situations such as workplace discrimination while not common can be completely devastating and leave you without answers as to how and what next step to take. The goal here is to provide helpful advice to make navigating these things as smooth and easy as possible.

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Business Attire for Women
Written by David Jones   
Monday, 17 September 2012 12:57

Business Attire for Women

Understanding business attire for women is more important than most realize, if merely one element of her attire goes a bit too far it can give the wrong impression.   How you dress and what you wear speaks volumes about you as a person and a business professional.

How you dress can be much more than a first impression because for a woman it will give the impression of many other things such as how professional and intelligent you are in addition to your level of credibility and sophistication.   The most important factor to understand about first impressions is it doesn’t matter if these perceptions are real or not but just the fact someone has these perceptions based on your appearance should make you pause for a moment to give some thought as to how you are put together.


Business Attire for Women: A professionally dressed woman setting the example for the level of detail they exercise.

Do’s of Business Attire for Women

Always dress for the situation, those who you will be dealing with and yourself.

Make sure you clothing fits, not to tight or loose. Tailored is even better.

If you are wearing a jacket, keep it buttoned.

Less or more with fragrances, either mild or none at all.

Hair should always be neat, trimmed and well maintained.

Shoes can have a slight heel, but must be stable.

Hose should never be lighter than your skin and be prepared for the unexpected.

Make up should be conservative.

Nails should never be too flashy or over the top with designs.

Always look like a professional.

Don’t of Business Attire for Women

Wear clothes that people think require a power source.

Make sure your clothing fits, this cannot be stressed enough.

Wear dirty or wrinkled.

Hair that is in your face or below your eyebrow.

Hair in a style that needs adjusting every 2 minutes.

Wear open toed shoes.

The same heels you wear going out to a club, no stilettos.

Wear gaudy jewelry or that makes a lot of noise or jingles.

Wear clothes that show or undo buttons that show too much skin.

Material with noticeable or unusual sheen.


The guidelines that men follow is completely different than that of business attire for women, this principle cannot be overstated because of the many options available today in women’s fashion. The smallest of things can completely change the business attire for women from acceptable to unacceptable such as a skirt being 2 or 3 inches too short or perfume being noticeable from across the room. Take the time and make sure your attire displays that you are a professional women.


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